Take all of the uncertainty out of designing your Shure-Temp hot water supply system with the following system package, which contains a properly sized all bronze circulating pump and all the related controls and safety devices required to complete a working Shure-Temp system.

The package does not contain the water heater storage tanks, piping or fittings.

Package Contents Include:
  • 1 Bell & Gossett All Bronze Circulating Pump, sized for 50 equivalent feet of pipe
    • 115 VAC
    • Single phase
    • Built in overload protection
  • 1 Straight Thermometers, 2 Angle Thermometer, allows measurement of heater inlet/outlet and tank temperatures for proper system adjustment and maintenance.
    • Baked enamel aluminum case
    • Temperature Range of 40º F to 260º F
    • 1/2" NPT brass well
    • 2" nominal well length
  • 1 Wall Type Junction Box Assembly with terminal strip and wiring diagram
    • Dimensions = 4" x 4" x 1 1/2"
    • Metal box cover
  • 1 Line Temperature Control
  • 1 Dual Temperature Control
  • 1 Tank Temperature Control, open-on-rise switch action
    • Fixed 5º F differential
    • Adjustable from 100º F to 180º F
  • 1 Safety Flow Switch, prevents heater flow under no water flow conditions
    • Single pole, double throw switch contacts
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Rated at 150 psig and 250º F
    • Properly sized reducing tee furnished
  • 1 Pressure Relief Valve
    • Bronze body
    • 125 psi setting
    • Automatic reset
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For Models:
Weight (lbs):
38 lbs
1 B&G Pump
1 Straight Thermometer
2 Angle Thermometers
1 Wall Type Junction Box
1 Dual Temp. Control
1 Line Temp. Control
1 Tank Temp. Control
1 Safety Flow Switch
1 Pressure Relief Valve
System Package
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