130 Gallon - 300,000 BTU Cyclone Xi ASME Commercial Gas Water Heater Zoom

130 Gallon - 300,000 BTU Cyclone Xi ASME Commercial Gas Water Heater


Brand: AO Smith

AO Smith
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Application: Plumbing
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Capacity (Gallons): 130
BTU Input: 300000
Height (Inches): 75.5
Diameter (Inches): 33-1/8"
Weight (lbs): 855 lbs
Vent Size: 4"
Recovery 40°F Rise: 873 GPH
Recovery 90°F Rise: 388 GPH
Recovery 140°F Rise: 250 GPH
Max Pressure: 10" W.C.
Gas Connection: 1-1/4"
Warranty: 3 Yr Limited Tank
Vent Type: ABS
Hertz: 60
Water Connection: 1-1/2"
Max Pressure (PSI): 160 psi

Description for AO Smith BTH-300A

The A. O. Smith Cyclone Xi family of products represents the industry's most technologically advanced commercial water heaters. The innovative Cyclone Xi design takes performance to its highest level with efficiencies of 95% and 96%. The Cyclone Xi features an Intelligent Control System making it the smartest water heater in the industry.

Cyclone Xi provides outstanding hot water output, with dramatic savings on operating costs compared to units with standard 80% efficiency. A. O. Smith's leading-edge engineering delivers conventional power-vent or sealed combustion power direct-vent versatility, low NOx emissions and excellent space-saving characteristics. Powered anodes, standard on all Cyclone Xi models, provide superior tank protection for years of trouble free operation.


  • Intelligent control system with LCD display -provides detailed water heater status information, precise temperature control, built-in diagnostics, and run history information
  • Submerged combustion chamber with helical heat exchanger coil - positioned in center of tank, surrounded by water to virtually eliminate radiant heat loss from chamber. Spiral heat exchanger keeps hot burner gases swirling, uses centrifugal force to maximize efficiency of heat transfer to water in tank. Spiral heat exchanger prevents scale and sediment from forming on water-side surface, which can reduce energy efficiency over time
  • Powered anodes -provides long-lasting tank protection in varying water conditions, does not require maintenance or inspection
  • PERMAGLAS ultra coat glass lining -exclusive process provides superior protection against corrosion. Both sides of heat exchanger coil are lined for protection against flue gas condensate inside coil
  • Mechanical venting versatility - conventional power-venting or sealed combustion direct venting. Vents vertically or through sidewall. Direct-vent intake and exhaust pipe can terminate separately outside building, or through single opening, using concentric vent assembly. Uses inexpensive PVC, CPVC or ABS pipe for intake and exhaust.
  • High efficiency pre-mix powered burner -down-fired pre-mix burner provides optimum efficiency and quiet operation. Top-mounted burner position prevents condensation from affecting burner operation
  • Space saving design for installation flexibility
  • CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve
  • Three year limited tank warranty

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130 Gallon - 300,000 BTU Cyclone Xi ASME Commercial Gas Water Heater

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