98 Gallon - 90,000 BTU Conservationist Commercial Gas Water Heater Zoom

98 Gallon - 90,000 BTU Conservationist Commercial Gas Water Heater


Brand: AO Smith

AO Smith
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Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Application: Plumbing
Capacity (Gallons): 98
BTU Input: 90000
Hertz: 60
Max Pressure (PSI): 150
Vent Size: 4"
Vent Type: Single-Wall
Standard Metal
Type B
Height (Inches): 71.25
Diameter (Inches): 26-1/2"
Weight (lbs): 350 lbs
Gas Connection: 1/2"
Water Connection: 1-1/4"
Recovery 40°F Rise: 218 GPH
Recovery 100°F Rise: 87 GPH
Recovery 140°F Rise: 62 GPH
Max Pressure: 14" W.C.
Warranty: 3 Yr Limited Tank

Description for AO Smith BTN-100

AO Smith's Conservationist BTN-100 is a commercial gas water heater equipped with a blower that produces a power-induced draft of make-up air prior to burner ignition.


  • Factory-installed blower - control proves draft prior to ignition, no draft hood or barometric damper required, blower is factory mounted with a 6-foot power cord: requires 120V, 3 amp or less electrical system connection
  • Intelli-vent gas control - equipped with nearly indestructible silicon nitride hot surface igniter, advanced electronics for more precise control of water temperature, easy-to-understand system diagnostics
  • Rated as Category I appliance - uses standard metal, single-wall or "B"-type vent, can be commonly vented with other Category I appliances, vent connects directly to blower outlet
  • Fully automatic control system - auto reset gas shutoff device prevents excessive water temperature, adjustable thermostat with 120º - 180º range, gas pressure regulator
  • Factory equipped with dual burners
  • Glass-lined tank - exclusive CoreGard anode rods with stainless steel core provide additional corrosion protection
  • Handhold cleanout - allows easy access to tank interior for cleaning
  • CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve
  • Certified for use on combustible flooring

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98 Gallon - 90,000 BTU Conservationist Commercial Gas Water Heater

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