DVE-52, 50 Gallon 45 KW Lime Tamer Commercial Electric Water Heater Zoom

DVE-52, 50 Gallon 45 KW Lime Tamer Commercial Electric Water Heater


Brand: AO Smith

AO Smith
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Fuel Type: Electric
Capacity (Gallons): 50
KW Input: 45
Number of Elements: 9
Height (Inches): 55.25
Diameter (Inches): 27-1/4"
Weight (lbs): 275 lbs
Max Pressure (PSI): 150
Application: Plumbing
Fuel Type: Electric
Warranty: 3 Yr Limited Tank

Description for AO Smith DVE-52-45

Note: When ordering a DVE unit, you must specify the Voltage you require (208V, 240V or 480V). Please contact customer service at 1-888-757-4774.

The AO Smith Lime Tamer (Gold Xi Series) DVE Commercial Electric Water Heater is designed for use as a recovery heater having its own storage tank or as a booster for supplying sanitizing rinse water for dish-washing.


  • Advanced electronic control - plain English text and animated icons display detailed operational and diagnostic information. Fault or Alert messages appear if an operational issue occurs. Immersion temperature control adjustable through a range of 90°F to 190°F.
  • iCOMM Compatible - Call 1.888.WATER02 for more information
  • Economy mode operation - control system automatically lowers the Operating Set Point by a programmed value during user-defined time periods. Helps reduce operating costs during unoccupied or off - peak demand periods
  • Linear sequencing -banks of heating elements (3 elements per bank) are energized according to adjustable (1 to 20°) differential set points for each bank. First bank on is the last bank off. Helps reduce current surge and provides accurate water temperature control.
  • Goldenrod elements - all DVE models ship standard with patented Goldenrod 24K gold plated elements. Goldenrod elements provide long life with superior scaling resistance.
  • Glass-lined tank - three sizes; 50, 80 and 119 gallon capacity. Tank interior is coated with glass specially developed by A. O. Smith for water heater use. Tanks rated at 150 psi working pressure; tested at 300 psi. Foam insulation reduces costly heat loss. ASME (optional) maximum working pressure is 150 psi.
  • Power circuit fusing - protects elements and contactors from short circuits, overloading or line surges. Meets National Electric Code requirements (fusing required when current draw exceeds 48 amps).
  • Standard voltages - 208, 240 and 480V single-phase and three phase delta. Convertible from three-phase to single-phase (in field) and vice versa (except 208/54 kW). 277V single-phase also available (additional $51)
  • Terminal block - factory installed. Allows for easy service connection to block.
  • Magnetic contactors - Heavy duty; UL rated 100,000 cycles
  • Immersion style thermostats
  • Simplified circuitry, color coded for ease of service
  • Hinged control compartment door for quick, easy access
  • Two anode rods for maximum corrosion protection
  • Cabinet has bonderized undercoat with baked enamel finish
  • Top outlet, side inlet and relief valve openings
  • Nipple and brass drain valve
  • CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve.
  • Meets or exceeds the thermal efficiency and or standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and current edition of ASHRAE/ISENA 90.1.

***208 volt models may use 3 additional elements for the following: DVE-52-18, DVE-52-36, DVE-80-18, DVE-80-36, DVE-120-18, DVE-120-36. Also, 54 KW models are not available at 208 volts single phase.

PLEASE NOTE: The product weighs 269 lbs. and may require the use of a
lift gate.
If you do require a lift gate at your delivery, you'll have the option to add this FREE of charge when you checkout.

DVE-52, 50 Gallon 45 KW Lime Tamer Commercial Electric Water Heater

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