Air Cleaners

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners, Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaners, and Honeywell Media Air Cleaners can be found here. Honeywell Air Cleaners will capture the particles floating in the air, making your home cleaner and more safe. We also offer popular brands such as Fantech, Trion, White Rodgers and Pro1 IAQ You can find UV Parts and Accessories here as well.

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Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners

With its exclusive 10-year Clean Coil Guarantee, stylish looks and optional post-filt

UV Air Treatment System

Contains UV Air Treatment System Replacement Lamps, the Ultraviolet Surface Treatment

Honeywell Media Air Cleaners

This category contains F100F Series and F200E Series Media Air Cleaners. These Media

Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners

Aprilaire media air cleaners provide highly efficient, whole-home air cleaning and ef

Honeywell TrueCLEAN Whole-House Air Cleaners

TrueCLEAN Enhanced Air Cleaners deliver cleaner air by taking a high-airflow media f

Fantech Whole House Air Cleaners

This category contains High Efficiency Whole House HEPA Filtration Systems, replaceme

Trion Air Cleaners

This section contains Trion Air Cleaners and Media Cleaners.

White Rodgers Air Cleaners

This section contains White Rodgers Air Cleaners. These units capture a significant

MAC Series Air Cleaners

MAC Series Air Cleaners efficiently remove airborne microscopic particulates indoors

Pro1 IAQ Air Cleaners

This section contains air cleaners manufactured by Pro1 IAQ.

Braeburn Media Air Cleaners

This category contains Media Air Cleaners & Parts manufactured by Braeburn. These qu

Air Cleaner Replacement Parts

This section contains several Air Cleaner Replacement Parts.

More About Air Cleaners

An air cleaner, also known as an air purifier, is an appliance that removes impurities from the air. An air cleaner can clean the air in a single room, a whole house or an industrial workspace. Air cleaners are employed in situations where the air typically becomes unhealthy due to smoke, pets or pollutants such as molds. They are also common in work environments that involve hazardous materials.

Electric Air Cleaners
They use a process called electrostatic attraction in which air is drawn through an ionized section where particles get an electrical charge. The charged particles then accumulate on a series of flat plates called a collector that is oppositely charged. Ion generators, or ionizers, disperse charged ions into the air, similar to electronic air cleaners but without a collector. These ions attach to airborne particles, giving them a charge so that they attach to nearby surfaces such as walls or furniture, or attach to one another and settle faster.

Honeywell TrueCLEAN Whole House Air Cleaners
While portable air cleaners can provide a certain level of effectiveness in individual rooms, Honeywell TrueCLEAN is installed in your central heating and cooling system. It cleans the air going through your ductwork and pushes the cleaner air out to all rooms in your home. As air is moving through your heating and cooling system, Honeywell TrueCLEAN deactivates 99% of captured particles like airborne dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and other bacteria. This system is dramatically more effective than single-room portable units, standard one-inch furnace filters, and practically all other whole-house air cleaning systems.

Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation System
The Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation System Works with your existing heating/cooling fan system to deliver outside air into your home. This system provides an easy to install, optimal whole-house ventilation at an affordable price.

Honeywell Balanced Ventilation System
The Honeywell Whole-House Ventilation System removes stale air and replaces it with fresh air. A centrifugal blower brings fresh air into your home from outdoors and at the same time exhausts the stale air in an equal amount. Both the incoming and outgoing air streams pass through an exchange core where the energy from the exhaust air is efficiently transferred to the incoming air. In the winter, this means that the fresh air coming into the house is warmer than the cold air outdoors. In the summer, this means that the fresh air coming into the house is not as hot as the air outdoors. Vents in your home draw the stale air into the Honeywell Whole-House Ventilation System to be exhausted outside. After the heat and energy is exchanged, the fresh air brought in through the ventilator gets distributed in the house though the ducts of your heating or cooling system.

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) saves energy by transferring heat between the stale air exhausted to the outside and the fresh air that is brought inside. This makes sure that when the ventilator is bringing in outside air, the heat stays inside the house in the winter or outside the house in the summer. The Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) saves energy by transferring both heat and moisture.

We offer a large selection of portable and whole-house air cleaners manufactured by Honeywell, Trion, Fantech, and White Rodgers . Choose from a variety of residential air cleaners that will help solve your air quality problems.