AC Install Parts

The typical installation of an AC unit will require parts and equipment not included in the box with the unit. Find those odds and ends here.

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Condensate Accessories

This category contains Condensate Accessories.


This category contains an assortment of pads manufactured by DiversiTech, including U


This category contains bi-flow heat pump driers, liquid line filter driers, and sucti

Copper Fittings for Air Conditioning

This category contains copper fittings for HVAC applications. Fittings include elbow

Sheet Metal Screws

This category contains sheet metal screws that are manufactured by DiversiTech.

Chevron Plexco Tubing

This category contains polyethylene pneumatic tubing manufactured by Chevron. Tubing

General Industrial Products

This category contains miscellaneous items such as dust masks and first aid kits.

Refrigerant Caps

This category contains refrigerant safety caps for use on refrigerant fittings.

Mini Split Mounting

This category contains mounting parts for Mini Split AC units manufactured by Diversi

Vibration Isolators

This category contains an assortment of vibration isolators manufactured by Mason Ind

More About AC Install Parts

Installing and servicing air conditioning units require parts and equipment that are not usually included with the condenser or air handler unit. On our website, you will find a wide range of products from top brands such as Diversitech, Belimo, Hart & Cooley, and Johnson Controls that will assist you with your installation or service call.

Equipment pads are used to secure refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Anti-vibration pads are designed to reduce vibration and noise generated by HVAC systems.

Conduits and cables are used specifically for electrical applications. HVAC electrical whips assist in air conditioning unit hookups and can also be used for heat pumps, hot tubs, swimming pools and outdoor lighting. Three distinct wires help make installation easy. The 90 degree connector is removable when straight connections are necessary.

We also have many condensation accessories such as vinyl tubing, pan sealants and drain guns. Drain guns are essential for cleaning drain lines and pan sealants prevent pan leaks that may lead to corrosion.

Copper wiring and wire connectors are necessary for safely completing electrical applications. Copper fittings are essential for making proper solder connections.