Swordfish Ultra Violet Air Treatment System - 36 Watts, 16" (Covers 3,500 Sq. feet) Zoom

Swordfish Ultra Violet Air Treatment System - 36 Watts, 16" (Covers 3,500 Sq. feet)


Brand: Allanson

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Size: 16"
Product Type: UV Air Purifier
Coverage (Sq Ft.): 3500
Accessory For: UVA36WLR

Description for Allanson UVA36W


  • The UVA36W Swordfish Air Purification System purifies homes up to 3,500 square feet
  • Quick and easy to install and service
  • Swordfish lamps produce NO ozone
  • Lamp replacement notifications
  • Replacement lamp #UVA36WLR
  • SAFE operation notification
  • Compact and lightweight
  • UL & CSA Approved
Most indoor air quality products merely trap pollutants, however Swordfish provides healthy indoor air by killing viruses, germs, mold and bacteria that grow in your household HVAC System and can become airborne.

Swordfish UV Air Treatment system exposes your A-coil (air conditioning cooling coil) or passing air to the UVC light which deactivates the DNA of "micro-organisms" before they reproduce, rendering them harmless.

An A-coil is a prime location for bacterial and mold growth which can become airborne, especially in the summer months when your air conditioning is constantly running to keep you cool.

If your allergy symptoms or respiratory discomfort are aggravated by molds, viruses and bacteria, Swordfish can alleviate them by reducing the amount of contaminants in your indoor air. Swordfish can also be mounted on your return air duct, upstream to your air filter, where it will kill most of the micro-organisms passing the lamp.

Swordfish has a red indicator light which identifies when you need to replace your lap (approximately once a year). Swordfish is compact and lightweight, weighing no more than 2 lbs and draws only 1/2 Amp.

The Swordfish 36Watt unit is designed to provide a sufficient dose given the velocity of air in an average home up to 3,500 square feet. Swordfish can be used in conjunction with any existing air filter or purifier such as electronic filters and HEPA filters.

Swordfish Ultra Violet Air Treatment System - 36 Watts, 16" (Covers 3,500 Sq. feet)

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