THERM-X-SPAN T-12 Expansion Tank (4.4 Gallon Volume) Zoom

THERM-X-SPAN T-12 Expansion Tank (4.4 Gallon Volume)


Brand: Amtrol

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Application: Plumbing
Tank Volume: 4.4 Gallons
Connection Size: 3/4"
Max Pressure (PSI): 150 psi
Temperature Range (F): 200°F MAX
Connection Type: Threaded
Height (Inches): 15"
Diameter (Inches): 11"
Weight (lbs): 9 lbs
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

Description for Amtrol 141363

With modern plumbing codes mandating backflow prevention, thermal expansion can cause pressure buildup in domestic water systems. When demand is put upon a potable water system, hot water is drawn from the water heater. Cold water from the supply line enters the water heater to replenish it. The cold water is heated to replace the hot water used. With the installation of a backflow preventer, check valve or pressure reducing valve on the supply line, the water heater and the system piping form a closed plumbing system under pressure. As the water is heated, thermal expansion occurs. Pressure increases until the relief valve opens and the expanded water spills from the water heater. This spillage results in wasted energy and a potential safety hazard.

Note: Image depicts THERM-X-TROL expansion tank

THERM-X-SPAN T-12 Expansion Tank (4.4 Gallon Volume)

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