Aqua-Pure Water Filters

Aqua-Pure offers a comprehensive line of water filtration and water treatment products to help provide you and your family with cleaner, clearer, and better tasting water. Aqua-Pure is the choice of quality conscious plumbing professionals, builders, and specifiers around the world.

Manuals -

Whole House System Plastic Water Filters

Installed where the main water line enters your house, an Aqua-Pure standard whole ho

Stainless Steel Water Filters

Stainless steel construction helps provide reliable performance demanded by remote in

In-Line Filtration & Hot Water System Filters

Aqua-Pure makes a full line of refrigerator/icemaker filters to keep your ice tasting

Drinking Water Filters

Aqua-Pure drinking water systems are considered by professionals to be some of the be

Ultraviolet Light Filters

This category contains Ultraviolet Light Filters. These filters help reduce bacteria

Water Treatment Systems

Here you can find softeners and treatment systems which help protect your home's pipi

More About Water Filters

How Water Filters Work:
A water filter removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier, chemical process, or biological process. Water filters reduce contaminants by either physically blocking their passage through a filter media, chemically attracting them to the filter media, or through means of ultraviolet light. They can be encased in a plastic or stainless steel housing. Since water filters become less effective over time, periodic replacement of the filter is recommended.

Types of Water Filters:
Whole House System Plastic Water Filters: Whole house systems filter water at the entry point of a home. Once in place, these systems filter all water that enters the household. Whole house water filters provide longer lasting appliances.

In-Line Filtration Hot Water System Filters: In-line filtration filters are used in appliances with ice and water dispensers. Aqua-Pure filters reduce sediment, rust, chlorine taste, odor, and scale. They can also be used for drinking fountains, coffee machines, and drink dispensers.

Water Treatment Systems: Water treatment systems are installed at the entry point of a home. These systems require electricity and a connection to the home's drain system. A water treatment system protects a home's plumbing system and appliances by reducing hardness and scaling. These filters reduce acid, arsenic, iron, sulfur, and tannin in a plumbing system.

Drinking Water System Filters: Drinking water filters install under your sink to deliver cleaner, clearer water straight from the tap. They provide filtered water on demand for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Ultraviolet Light Filters: Ultraviolet light filters can be installed at the entry point of a home or in a point-of-use application. These unique filters sterilize bacteria and viruses by exposing them to ultraviolet light. This is a positive alternative to using environmentally harmful chemicals.

We offer a wide selection of Aqua-Pure and Honeywell-Braukmann water filters for residential or commercial applications.