120V/60 Hz Encapsulated Coil Kit (10.1 watts) Zoom

120V/60 Hz Encapsulated Coil Kit (10.1 watts)


Brand: Asco

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Application: Replacement Part
10.1 (AC)
Type: Coil Kit

Description for Asco 238610-032-D

Coil Kit, 120v/60 Hz, 110v/50 Hz, Nema 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4 and 4X, Class F

For Use With:

    3UK83, 3UK85, 3UK87, 3UK89, 3UK95, 3UL10, 3UL11, 3UL13, 3UL14, 3UL19, 3UL20, 3UL29, 3UL30, 3UL56, 3UL59, 3UL64, 3UL65, 3UL67, 3UL68, 3UL69, 3UL71, 3UL82, 3UL84, 3UL89, 3UL95, 3UL97, 3UM02, 3UM11, 3UM13, 3UM15, 3UM17, 3UM21, 3UM30, 4KY40, 4KY41, 4KY42, 4KY52, 5LU23, 5LU24, 5LU29, 5LU31, 5LU32, 5LU33, 5LU40, 5LU42, 5LU52

120V/60 Hz Encapsulated Coil Kit (10.1 watts)

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