PEX-Pal In-Floor Tubing Organizer/Collector (40) Zoom

PEX-Pal In-Floor Tubing Organizer/Collector (40)


Brand: Axiom

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Includes: (40) PEX-Pals
Width (Inches): 6"
Height (Inches): 6
Depth (Inches): 2-1/8"
Material: Plastic
Application: 5/16" PEX
3/8" PEX
1/2" PEX
5/8" PEX
3/4" PEX

Description for Axiom PEX40

***Includes 40 PEX-Pals.

The PEX-Pal is a tubing collector and organizer for radiant heating in-floor installations. The modular two channel design positions the supply and return pipes at the correct spacing required for connection to the manifolds.


  • Mounts to decking, rebar, ready-rod, or wooden forms
  • Completely enclosed design protects the tubing at the floor surface
  • Each channel keeps the supply and return pipes separate and directs them to the correct manifold
  • Modular design allows the installer to add as many zones as required
  • Reversibility of each module allows individual zones to be piped from opposite directions
  • Each module is easily press fit together
  • Maintains a larger radius than the manufacturers' recommended minimum for 3/4" and smaller PEX
  • Constructed of high impact strength plastic

PEX-Pal In-Floor Tubing Organizer/Collector (40)

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