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BAYweb Standard Network Thermostat (Black)


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Color: Black
Model: BW-T100-B (Thermostat Keypad)
Application: Single Stage (Heat/Cool)
1 Heat/1 Cool
Programmability: Programmable
7 Day
User Interface: Web-based
Push Button
Mount: Vertical
Options: Auto Changeover
Fan Control
Works with Sensor
Power Method: Independently Powered
Line Cord
Control Temp Range (F): 35º to 99ºF
Operating Temp Range: 0° to 120°F
Relative Humidity: 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 3" W x 4" H x 0.6" D (Keypad)
6.85" W x 4.85" H x 1.3" D (Control Module)
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
Fan Control: Auto/On/Auto w/ min circulation
Control Response: ± 1°F
Accuracy: 1°F
Power Requirements: 120 VAC
60 Hz
0.25 Amp Max
Model: BW-BCU1 (Control Module)
Control Electrical Rating: Class 2
20-30 VAC 3.2 Amp Max
Set Points: 4 Heat
4 Cool
Features: Set Point Limiting
Compressor Protection
LED Display

Description for BAYweb BW-WT1-B

The standard model of BAYweb Thermostat can be used with conventional single stage heat and/or cool systems (one heat/one cool). It supports unlimited X10 wireless, and one wired alert inputs.

NOTE: Exclusively for use in the United States. Temperatures indicated in degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Effortless Scheduling
  • Personal Web Portal
  • Dedicated Mobile Interface
  • Alert Notifications
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Install Yourself in 30 Minutes
  • Use Existing Wiring
  • Plug-N-Go Networking enables you to utilize all of the Internet-based capabilities by simply plugging it in to your network.
Designed to install yourself, the BAYweb Thermostat is the least expensive and most full featured Internet enabled thermostat available.

The BAYweb Thermostat's controls are elegant simplicity. The soft green easy to read display discretely indicates the temperature in a low profile package, that blends pleasantly with your decor. The thermostat is available in eight colors in addition to white and black.

The BAYweb thermostat will notify you of problems with your heating or air conditioning, and other important potential problems, such as a break-in or sump pump failure. These alerts are delivered to your mobile phone and to a list of email addresses you select. The alert server in our data center will alert you if the Internet connection used by the thermostat goes offline for more than 10 minutes. This warns you that you will not receive other alerts until the Internet connection is restored.

You can operate your thermostat anytime anywhere via web browser or a web-enabled mobile phone ( Dedicated portals designed for most major phones like the Apple iPhone provide access to your thermostat from just about anywhere). Unlimited use of the BAYweb portal is included at no additional charge. This state-of-the-art portal provides real time monitoring, control, and reporting for an unlimited number of BAYweb thermostats, and other BAYweb devices.

Applets give you the ability to easily customize your personal web portal to suit your needs. The Master Thermostat applet provides the ability to control multiple thermostats simultaneously and the Energy Profile applet provides a simple way to manage settings of multiple thermostats, both excellent features for commercial, light industrial and real estate use.

The BAYweb Thermostat provides comprehensive energy management reporting, analysis, and alerting functions previously only found in expensive and complex building management systems available to large commercial and industrial customers.

In addition to analysis and reporting, you can setup your web portal to alert you if the energy usage ever exceeds a specified threshold, a great feature for parents, vacation home owners, landlords and building managers.

For sensors and other accessories, please see our BAYweb Accessories category.

System Requirements:
  • Requires a full time internet connection
  • To use existing thermostat cable, at least 4 conductors are required
  • Exclusively for use in the United States
Determining Which BAYweb Thermostat Model You Need
BAYweb Thermostat Frequently Asked Questions
BAYweb Limited Warranty Information

BAYweb Standard Network Thermostat (Black)

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