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Pneumatic Humidistat (20/90% RH)


Brand: Barber Colman

Barber Colman
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Humidity Range: 20 to 90% RH
Operating Temp Range: 40 to 140°F

Description for Barber Colman 2230-018

The 2230-018 Pneumatic Room Humidistat is a proportioning-type device designed to control pneumatic valves or damper actuators associated with heating or cooling coils, humidifiers, air washers, or other humidifying or dehumidifying equipment to maintain constant relative humidity. This device uses a highly sensitive hygroscopic nylon ribbon and a pilot bleed relay with pneumatic feedback. Throttling range, action (direct or reverse), and set point are easily adjusted by graduated dials. Internal limit stops are available to restrict adjustment range when required.

The component parts are die cast aluminum, stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon. Diaphragms are fabric-reinforced neoprene. Air lines are connected to the humidistat with spring-reinforced plastic tubes, and both main and branch connections are provided with internal filters.

Pneumatic Humidistat (20/90% RH)

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