Spring Return Fail-Safe, On/Off Damper Control Actuator, Direct Coupled - 120 VAC Zoom

Spring Return Fail-Safe, On/Off Damper Control Actuator, Direct Coupled - 120 VAC


Brand: Belimo

AF120-S has been discontinued.
Direct Replacement:
Brand: Belimo



Fail Safe Mode: Spring Return
Actuator Type: Two Position
Power Supply: 120 VAC
Torque: 133 lb-in
Running Time: 150 Seconds (motor)
<20 Seconds (spring)
Ambient Temperature: -22°F to +122°F
Control Input Values: On/Off
Auxiliary Switch: 2 SPDT
Manual Override: Yes
Direction of Rotation: Reversible w/ cw/ccw mounting
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty

Description for Belimo AF120-S


  • Cut labor costs with simple direct coupling
  • True mechanical spring return - the most reliable fail-safe
  • Reverse mount for clockwise or counterclockwise fail-safe
  • Check damper position easily with clear position indicator
  • Overload-proof throughout rotation
  • Temporary restrictions in damper movement will not change actuator operation. Actuator returns to normal operation when restriction is removed (modulating actuators)
  • Easy mechanical stop to adjust angle of rotation (add ZDB-AF2 US US accessory)
  • By eliminating internal condensation Golden Point breather membrane optimizes performance in harsh airstream environments
  • Built-in auxiliary switch is easy to use, offers feedback or signal for additional device (-S models)
  • Manual override crank speeds installation
  • Need to change control direction? Do it easily with a simple switch (modulating actuators)
  • Microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motor increases actuator life span and reliability, provides constant running time (modulating actuators)
  • Rugged metal housing withstands rough handling in the mechanical room
  • 3 ft. appliance cable and conduit connector eases installation
  • Double insulated - no need for separate safety ground. A Belimo exclusive (-S,120V, 230V models)
  • Automatically compensates for damper seal wear, ensuring tight close-off
The AF120-S is used for On/Off, fail-safe control of dampers in HVAC systems. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer's specifications.

The AF series actuators provide true spring return operation for reliable fail-safe application and positive close off on air tight dampers. The spring return system provides consistent torque to the damper with, and without, power applied to the actuator.

Spring Return Fail-Safe, On/Off Damper Control Actuator, Direct Coupled - 120 VAC

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