• Cut labor costs with simple direct coupling
  • True mechanical spring return - the most reliable fail-safe
  • Reverse mount for clockwise or counterclockwise fail-safe
  • Check damper position easily with clear position indicator
  • Overload-proof throughout rotation
  • Temporary restrictions in damper movement will not change actuator operation. Actuator returns to normal operation when restriction is removed (modulating actuators)
  • Easy mechanical stop to adjust angle of rotation (add ZDB-AF2 US US accessory)
  • By eliminating internal condensation Golden Point breather membrane optimizes performance in harsh airstream environments
  • Built-in auxiliary switch is easy to use, offers feedback or signal for additional device (-S models)
  • Manual override crank speeds installation
  • Need to change control direction? Do it easily with a simple switch (modulating actuators)
  • Microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motor increases actuator life span and reliability, provides constant running time (modulating actuators)
  • Rugged metal housing withstands rough handling in the mechanical room
  • 3 ft. appliance cable and conduit connector eases installation
  • Double insulated - no need for separate safety ground. A Belimo exclusive (-S,120V, 230V models)
  • Automatically compensates for damper seal wear, ensuring tight close-off
The AF24-MFT is used for proportional modulation of dampers and control valves in HVAC systems. It provides mechanical spring return operation for reliable fail-safe application.

*Note: Running time (motor) & Direction of Rotation varies when configured w/ MFT options
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Fail Safe Mode:
Spring Return
Actuator Type:
Power Supply:
133 lb-in
Running Time:
150 Seconds (motor)*
<20 Seconds (spring)
Multi-Function Technology
VA Rating:
10 VA
Ambient Temperature:
-22°F to +122°F
Control Input Values:
2 to 10 VDC 4 to 20 mA (default)
Auxiliary Switch:
No Switch
Manual Override:
Direction of Rotation:
Reversible w/ cw/ccw mounting (spring)
Reversible w/ built-in switch (motor)
5-Year Limited Warranty
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