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Spring Return Damper Actuator


Brand: Belimo

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Fail Safe Mode: Spring Return
Actuator Type: Proportional
Power Supply: 24 VAC/DC
Running Time: 150 Seconds (motor)*
<20 Seconds (spring)
Features: Multi-Function Technology
Torque: 180 lb-in
VA Rating: 10 VA
Ambient Temperature: -22°F to +122°F
Manual Override: Yes
Direction of Rotation: Reversible w/ cw/ccw mounting (spring)
Reversible w/ built-in switch (motor)

Description for Belimo AFB24-MFT

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For proportional modulation of dampers and control valves in HVAC systems. The AFB24-MFT, AFX24-MFT provides mechanical spring return operation for reliable failsafe application.

  • Torque min. 180 in-lb
  • Control 2 to 10 VDC (DEFAULT)
  • Feedback 2 to 10 VDC (DEFAULT)

Spring Return Damper Actuator

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