Non-Spring Return Damper Actuator with Multi-Function Technology.

  • Brushless DC Motor for Added Accuracy and Controllability
  • Cut Labor Costs with Simple Direct Coupling
  • Self-Centers on 1/2",3/4", and 1.05" Jackshafts with Standard Clamp
  • Check Damper Position with Clear Position Indicator
  • Don't Worry about Actuator Burn-Out; Belimo is Overload Proof throughout Rotation
  • Enjoy Added Flexibility with Easy Mechanical Stops to Adjust Angle of Rotation
  • Need to Change Control Direction? Do it easily with a Simple Switch
  • Easily Accessible Manual Override Button helps you Pre-Tension Damper Blades
  • Fully Adjustable Built-In Auxiliary Switch (AMB24-3-S)
  • Auxiliary Switch and Feedback Potentiometer Add-Ons Mount Directly on Clamp, Includes Conduit Connector
  • Standard 3ft Plenum Rated Cable and Conduit Connector Provided on Basic Models
  • Added Flexibility to Select Clamp, Electrical Connection, and Running Time to fit your Specific Application with Belimo's New Flexible Line of Actuators
The AMB24-MFT is used for proportional modulation of dampers in HVAC systems. Actuator sizing should be done in accordance with the damper manufacturer's specifications.

The actuator is not provided with and does not require any limit switches, but is electronically protected against overload. The anti-rotation strap supplied with the actuator will prevent lateral movement.

*Note: Running time (motor) varies when configured w/ MFT options
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Fail Safe Mode:
Non-Spring Return
Actuator Type:
Power Supply:
180 lb-in
Running Time:
150 Seconds (motor)*
Multi-Function Technology
Power Consumption:
VA Rating:
6 VA
Ambient Temperature:
-22°F to +122°F
Control Input Values:
2 to 10 VDC 4 to 20 mA
Manual Override:
External Push Button
5-Year Limited Warranty
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