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We Got Steam Heat! - By Dan Holohan


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Type: Steam Heating
Author: Dan Holohan
Pages: 172
Includes: Book

Description for DH141

Dan Holohan's "We Got Steam Heat! - A Homeowner's Guide to Peaceful Coexistence" - is the perfect book for homeowners looking to solve some of the common problems that arise with steam heating.

What You Will Learn:

  • How a steam heating system works
  • Each component of a steam heating system and its use
  • Why high pressure in a steam heating system will not work
  • How the choice of fuel can affect your system
  • What causes all the noise in your system and how to eliminate it
  • Simple ways to lower your fuel bill
  • The right questions to ask when replacing a boiler
  • How to fix, move, clean, paint and replace an old radiator
  • How to have a hot water zone added to your steam heating system
  • How to know if your steam heating system can be converted to hot water heat

We Got Steam Heat! - By Dan Holohan

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