Brasscraft Faucet Parts

Brasscraft manufactures replacement Faucet Parts for Delta, Gerber, Kohler, Moen, and other popular brands. If you need a new part, you can find it here.

Manuals -

Replacement Stems

Replacement stems for Delta, Kohler, Gerber, Price Fister, Moen, and many other brand

Stem Repair Kits

This category contains Brasscraft stem repair kits.

Replacement Handles

Replacement faucet handles for various brands manufactured by Brasscraft.

Replacement Cartridges

This category contains replacement cartridges from Brasscraft.

Brasscraft Cartridge Repair Kits

This category contains cartridge repair kits from Brasscraft,

Brasscraft Seal Kits and Repair Components

Here you can find all the necessary parts to repair your faucet stems and cartridges.

Rebuild Kits

This category contains rebuild kits from Brasscraft.

Brasscraft Escutcheons

This category contains a variety of replacement escutcheons for Price Pfister, Sterli

Valve Repair Kits

This category contains Brasscraft valve repair kits and accessories.


This category contains various parts and accessories manufactured by Brasscraft.

Sink Spray Accessories

This category contains sink spray heads with and without hoses manufactured by Brassc

Handle Caps

This category contains handle caps manufactured by Brasscraft.