CHG225 176,000 BTU Output, Natural Gas Boiler, w/ Burner Zoom

CHG225 176,000 BTU Output, Natural Gas Boiler, w/ Burner


Brand: Burnham

CHG225N-S has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.



Fuel Type: Natural Gas
System Type: Hydronic (Water)
Height (Inches): 43.75
Width (Inches): 23-3/8"
Features: Condensing
Direct Vent
BTU Output: 176000
BTU Input: 202000
Vent Size: 4"

Description for Burnham CHG225N-S

Burnham CHG condensing boilers achieve 94+% efficiency through the ruggedly designed heat exchanger. These sectional, cast aluminum designs use the heat in the exhaust gases from the boiler?s combustion process to preheat the water as it enters the boiler, thus capturing energy that otherwise would be lost. In addition, CHG boilers have fully modulating controls that allow the boiler to operate with up to a 5-to-1 turn down ratio. Thus a CHG boiler continuously adjusts its output to more efficiently and effectively provide the right amount of heat that helps conserve fuel and reduce heating costs. CHG boilers come in two sizes and are available for either natural gas or propane installations. Each CHG boiler?s fully modulating control system has a variety of sensors including indoor/outdoor reset that are standard on each boiler and provide the input to the control system to maximize operating efficiencies. Through its advanced design, packaging, and unique combustion process, a CHG boiler operates so quietly that it may not even be heard firing, but the sequence of operation is visible on the digital display mounted on top of the boiler.

PLEASE NOTE: The product weighs 323 lbs. and may require the use of a
lift gate.
If you do require a lift gate at your delivery, you'll have the option to add this FREE of charge when you checkout.

CHG225 176,000 BTU Output, Natural Gas Boiler, w/ Burner

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