Note: Product Title reflects this boiler's IBR Net Output Rating

Burnham's Independence PV boilers offer you the flexibility of a power vent system. This boiler can be installed virtually anywhere because no chimney is required for operation. A draft-inducing fan pulls hot gases through the heat exchanger at the correct speed for optimum efficiency. Operating together, the fan and heat exchanger provide more heat with less fuel consumption

The cast iron sections on the heat exchanger are linked by metal couplings called push nipples. These push nipples increase the longevity of a Burnham boiler by resisting the petroleum based antifreeze commonly used in hydronic heating systems. Many competitive products use a rubber-type gasket for this purpose. This type of gasket will begin to deteriorate when it comes in contact with hydronic antifreeze.

Independence boilers are made with cast iron sections that are produced at Burnham's own foundry and are assembled and tested at Burnham's facilities in Lancaster, PA. This ensures the quality and availability of this vital component. Burnham is the only boiler manufacturer that can make this claim.

  • Steam boiler
  • Natural gas
  • Power Vented
  • Cast iron sectional design
  • Stainless steel burners ensure years of reliable, rust-free operation
  • Step-opening gas valve enables boiler to start on low fire and progress to high fire. This provides safe & smooth operation, quiet ignition, and longer component life.
  • Industrial quality pressuretrol for accurate, trouble-free control
Note: The approved venting system for the Independence PV is 3" AL29-4C® stainless steel. Do not substitute other materials.
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Fuel Type:
Natural Gas
BTU Input:
DOE Rating:
IBR Rating:
System Type:
EI/Spark Ignition
Width (Inches):
Weight (lbs):
560 lbs
Vent Size:
Venting Requirement:
Category III Stainless Steel
Vent Type:
Power Vent
Height (Inches):

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