3/4" Sweat Three-Way Motorized Ball Zone Bypass Valve Zoom

3/4" Sweat Three-Way Motorized Ball Zone Bypass Valve


Brand: Caleffi

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Size: 3/4"
Connection Type: Sweat
Max Pressure (PSI): 150
Max Temp (F): 230°F
Material: Brass
Flow Capacity (Cv): 12

Description for Caleffi 644359A-3BY

Zone valves are used to automatically shut-off the flow, redirect or modulate hot and chilled water in hydronic heating and air conditioning systems.
The motorized three-way diverting / mixing valves permits two position diverting or three-way mixing with 3-wire floating outdoor reset controller for injection mixing.
The motorized three-way bypass valves permits a system to operate with a continuous flow regardless if the zone valve is in the open or in the by-pass position.
The high flow and high close-off performance characteristics of these zone valves, combined with the compact size, makes them particularly suitable to fit inside baseboard or directly in fan coils units.

Motorized ball valves series 644 are used in all types of systems because of the following characteristics:

  • Zero leakage across the valve
  • Quick opening and closing valve operation
  • Operates at very high differential pressures
  • Low pressure drop through the valve
  • Union connections for simple installs and removals
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  • 3/4" Sweat Three-Way Motorized Ball Zone Bypass Valve

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