25 Gallon ThermoCon Storage Tank (without Heating Element) Zoom

25 Gallon ThermoCon Storage Tank (without Heating Element)


Brand: Caleffi

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Capacity (Gallons): 25
Diameter (Inches): 22"
Length (Inches): 28.5"
Max Temp (F): 180°F
Working Pressure (PSI): 150 psi
Weight (lbs): 100 lbs

Description for Caleffi NAS20025

ThermoCon tanks are designed to be used for wood boilers, solar and geothermal storage, plus in heating systems with low-mass boilers, chilled water systems and low-mass radiation. ThermoCon tanks are used in systems operating below the design load condition, which is most of the time, or in systems having several low cooling or heating loads demands at different times. Boilers operating at low loads will short cycle, resulting in reduced operating efficiency and shorter equipment life. When piped correctly, the ThermoCon will serve as both a thermal buffer and a hydraulic separator. The solar, boiler or chiller system will be hydraulically separated from the distribution system.

The ThermoCon 25 gallon tank is engineered with six (6) 1½" NPT connections. Two top connections can be piped right below a wall hung modulating / condensing boiler. One of the top connections has a 1½" NPT male thread with a dip tube to draw cooler water from the bottom of tank. The other top 1½" NPT connection is female. The four side 1½" NPT female connectons can be piping to the load.

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25 Gallon ThermoCon Storage Tank (without Heating Element)

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