1/2" Electro-Galvanized Wide Top Beam Clamp Zoom

1/2" Electro-Galvanized Wide Top Beam Clamp


Brand: Carpenter & Paterson

Carpenter & Paterson
192WEG08 has been discontinued.
Direct Replacement:
SKU: 61G0050
Brand: Empire Industries



Size: 1/2"

Description for Carpenter & Paterson 192WEG08

The Figure 192W is designed for roof installations with bar joist type construction as well as to be attached mechanically to the top or bottom flange of steel beams. A locking nut is provided and when properly tightened prevents loosening due to vibration. The full body tapping feature for the rod allows for extra adjustment after installation. A Figure 192RS Retaining Strap may also be required by various codes. Install in accordance with MSS-SP69 set screw torque values. Maximum loads are based upon full thread engagement by the rod. When using a Retaining Strap the maximum allowable flange thickness is reduced by 1/8".

1/2" Electro-Galvanized Wide Top Beam Clamp

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