6" Heat Pump Riser/Condenser Riser

6" Heat Pump Riser/Condenser Riser


Brand: Carrier

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Color: Gray
Size: 6"
Product Type: Pump
Application: Heat Pump

Description for Carrier HPR-6

The Heat Pump/Condenser Risers provide a sturdy and stable solution for adding elevation to a condenser, heat pump, air handler, or other equipment by allowing airflow which prevents corrosion caused by direct ground contact. Composed of high-pressure injection molded polypropylene, the heat pump is a medium gray color. Butyl mastic on the top and bottom guarantees no slipping.

Advantages Include:

  • Two-piece, heavy duty plastic unit is manufactured in three heights - 3", 6" & 12" w/ an optional 4" extension
  • One-piece 6S model employs structural computer-generated design for strength
  • Elevates heat pumps, air conditioners, air handlers, or other equipment
  • Allows drainage, and keeps corrosion of metal bases to a minimum
  • Absorbs vibrations and noise
  • 6" Heat Pump Riser/Condenser Riser

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