3/4" SharkBite Pressure Gauge, Lead Free (No Tee) Zoom

3/4" SharkBite Pressure Gauge, Lead Free (No Tee)


Brand: Cash-Acme

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Application: Pressure
Dial Size: 1-1/2"
Size: 3/4"
Measures: Pressure
Connection Type: Push-Fit
PSI Range: 0-200
Max Pressure (PSI): 200
Ambient Temperature: -40° to 140°F
Process Temperature: -40° to 150°F
Features: Lead Free
Accuracy: +/- 3%

Description for Cash-Acme 24444

This Sharkbite pressure gauge is used to measure or monitor water conditions in water distribution systems. Quick push-fit installation as temporary (reusable) or permanent device in copper, CTS CPVC and PEX plumbing systems.


  • Lead Free
  • Instant push-fit connection for increased ease-of use:
    No soldering, clamps, unions, or glue required.
  • Gauges can be installed as a reusable or permanent device.
  • SharkBite® push-fit fitting fits copper tubing, and CTS CPVC and PEX:
    Connects all three types in any combination.
  • SharkBite® push-fit fitting is design certified to ASSE 1061/NSF 61 product standard for use in potable water and hydronic heating water distribution:
    Quality engineered and manufactured.
  • SharkBite® push-fit fitting contains integral tube liner for PEX installations:
    Integrated design means no loose components, ensures secure, reliable connection.

3/4" SharkBite Pressure Gauge, Lead Free (No Tee)

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