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2SPDT Dual Air Pressure Sensing Switch (Fcst.65/1.5)


Brand: Cleveland Controls

Cleveland Controls
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Max Pressure (PSI): .5 PSI
Switch: 2 SPDT
Electric Connection: 1/4" Quick-Connect Terminals
Operating Temp Range: -40°F to 180°F
Mount: Diaphragm Vertical

Description for Cleveland Controls DDP-106-177

The Model DDP-106 is a general purpose proving switch designed for HVAC and Energy Management applications. The DDP-106 provides dual switching action: two separately operated, independently-adjustable SPDT snap-acting switches are mounted on a common foot bracket. Differential pressures up to 2 inches w.c. can be measured. Because the two snap switches are set independently, an adjustable ?deadband? can be established for control circuits requiring both high and low actuation points. Many control and alarm functions are possible: for instance, monitor two pressure sources and sense the differential for actuation at two independent set points.

2SPDT Dual Air Pressure Sensing Switch (Fcst.65/1.5)

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