These Clips includes a wide range of products and have a wide range of applications. Make sure you have the Clips you need and the tools you need to use them.

Manuals -

Suspension Clips

These suspension type PEX tubing fasteners can be used to support PEX tubing hanging

Snap Clips

Nylon clips screw in place and tubing snaps in. Clips flex to hold ViegaPEX tubing s

PEX Clips

PEX Clips attach PEX Tubing to under the wood subfloor for joist radiant heating appl

PEX to Wood Tools and Clips

Peter Mangone RB-5 Manual Clip Gun and RB-6 Pneumatic Clip Gun allow fast and easy at

PEX to Wire Tools and Clips

Malco's PEX tool and clip system quickly attaches PEX to wire for hydronic radiant ap

Sharkbite Disconnect Clips

Sharkbite Disconnecting Clips and tongs are used to undo Sharkbite fitting connection

Viega Wire Mesh Clips

Clips for fastening 1/2" and 5/8" tubing to wire reinforcing mesh in concrete pours.