Copper Crimp Valved Manifolds

1" Copper Valved Manifolds (type "L" copper) feature 1/2" crimp outlets. A soldered valve connection allows for simple and easy isolation of individual loops. Sections can sweat together to extend the number of outlets using a standard 1-inch copper coupling. Do not exceed accepted flow rates for 1-inch nominal copper. Both 1-inch ends are copper pipe size and will require a copper end cap, coupling or transition fitting to make the proper system connection. Clamp or crimp Tool is required. PEX Clamps or Crimp Rings must be purchased separately.

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  • 3/4" Fem. Sweat x 3/4" Male Sweat Copper Manifold, 1/2" PEX Ball Valves, 4 Outlets View Specs

    $54.65 / each

    $525.00 / box
    10 x $52.50

    Non-Stock Item Allow 7-10 Days to Ship Out
  • 3/4" PEX x Spin Closed Manifold, 1/2" PEX Ball Valves, 4 Outlets (Lead Free) View Specs

    $58.95 / each

    Out of Stock Allow 5-7 Days to Ship Out
  • 1/2" PEX Manifold, 3/4" PEX Inlet & Outlet, 6 Ports (Lead Free) View Specs

    $87.95 / each

    In Stock! (12 Available) Ships in 24-48 Hrs Logo

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