• Copper fittings are used in hot and cold water lines in plumbing systems when making connections to copper pipe. There are two basic types of copper pipe or tubing: rigid and flexible. Copper fittings can be used with both types of copper pipe. Rigid pipe is generally installed in new homes and provides a neater installation. Flexible copper pipe is best for repair work since it can be run around obstacles without connections or cuts.

    Solder is required to securely connect a copper fitting to a copper pipe. Solder is a fusible metal alloy that, when melted, joins two or more metals together in a process known as soldering. The connections produced by solder are liquid and gas tight.

    Copper fittings must be cleaned on the interior and exterior prior to being soldered. Soldering a copper fitting with debris on it will result in a poor seal. Using a Tu-Turn copper fitting brush will ensure a clean copper fitting.

    Soldering paste or 'flux' should be applied to a copper fitting after it has been cleaned. Flux will keep the copper from oxidizing when heated. This provides a firm bond between the copper and the solder. A quality soldering iron is needed to join the copper pipe and the fitting. Once the copper fitting has been properly prepared, it can be bonded to a copper pipe by using a quality soldering torch.

    There are many different types of copper fittings, each serving a particular function.

    Copper 45 & Copper 90 Degree Elbows are used to change the direction of the flow of water 45 or 90 degrees. These fittings are connected directly to a copper pipe.

    Copper 45 & Copper 90 Street Elbows are also used to change the direction of the flow of water 45 or 90 degrees. Unlike a standard elbow, a street elbow is connected to a copper fitting.

    Couplings are used to connect two pieces of copper pipe together.

    Caps are used to cover the outside end of a copper pipe.

    Tee Fittings are used to either combine or split fluid flow. They are also used to connect pipes of different diameters or for changing the direction of pipe runs.

    Unions are similar to couplings and are used to connect two pieces of pipe together. However, a union is designed to allow quick and convenient disconnection of pipes for maintenance or fixture replacement.
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