This category includes Honeywell Round and Rectangular Dampers, Hart & Cooley Dampers, and EWC Dampers.

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Honeywell Automatic Round Dampers (ARD)

Honeywell ARD power close-spring open round dampers are available in 5 inch to 18 inc

Honeywell ZD Dampers

The ZD is a power close and spring open damper. It has a 24-volt motor used to contro

Honeywell Fresh Air Dampers

These fresh air dampers are used for fresh air intake for ventilation or for combusti

Honeywell Modulating Automatic Round Dampers (MARD)

Honeywell's Modulating Automatic Round Damper is a round damper with a 24-Vac, floati

Honeywell Retrofit Round Dampers (RRD)

The Retrofit Round Damper is easily inserted into rigid round ducts for retrofit zoni

Honeywell Static Pressure Regulating Dampers (SPRD)

Honeywell's Static Pressure Regulating Dampers are single-blade, steel barometric da

EWC Dampers

This category contains EWC Dampers and Accessories

Hart & Cooley Dampers

This category contains Hart & Cooley Dampers that stop or regulate the flow of air in

Honeywell Round Commercial Dampers

This section contains Commercial Round Dampers used in conventional air handling syst

Honeywell TrueZONE Bypass Dampers (CPRD)

TrueZONE Bypass Dampers (CPRD) are round static pressure relief dampers. They are use

Honeywell Economizers

W7210A,D Solid State Economizer Logic Modules are used with solid state C7400A Enthal

Aprilaire Dampers

This category contains dampers that are manufactured by Aprilaire.

Zoning Accessories

This category contains a variety of zoning damper accessories and zone control access

More About Dampers

Dampers regulate room temperature and efficiently balance the supply of air coming from an HVAC unit by reducing the level of air flow or heat to unoccupied rooms. This supplies the home or building with more air flow to areas of greater need. Dampers are typically made of aluminum or galvanized steel and can be operated manually or by motor, depending on the application.

We offer a range of Honeywell, Hart & Cooley and EWC dampers, which are available in variety of models.

The automatic round damper is a single blade damper that uses a motor to control the volume of circulating air in heating, cooling and vent systems.

Fresh air round dampers feature a motorized single blade damper used for fresh air intake.

The modulating automatic round damper has a floating-control type modulating motor for bypass and zone damper control.

Retrofit round dampers fit into rigid round ducts for retrofit zoning in forced air and heating systems and allow multiple dampers to operate under a single zone.

Commercial round dampers are used in conventional air handling systems to control airflow in round ducts.

The Honeywell ZD damper is a power close and spring open damper. These dampers are available with square or rectangular parallel blades. Its 24 volt motor controls the air circulating in HVAC systems and is commonly used when a normally-open damper is required.

Static pressure single blade regulating dampers are available in round or rectangular models. They are often used in low pressure systems to bypass excess air when the majority of zone dampers are closed.

TrueZONE Bypass Dampers (CPRD) are round static pressure relief dampers. They are used in forced-air bypass applications to relieve excess static pressure when some of the zone dampers are closed.