Easy Heat's SR Trace offers an effective solution to cold-weather-related problems by keeping pipes from freezing or eliminating ice dams on drains and rooftops. SR Trace is a self-regulating heating cable that automatically varies its heat output with changes in surrounding temperature. (The colder it gets, the more heat is generated by the cable). Because of this, the SR Trace can be overlapped, minimizing the risk of damaging temperature sensitive roof coating. The SR Trace roof and gutter deicing cable is available with a power density of 5 watts per foot dry and 8 watts per foot wet. All cables are UL Listed.

As snow accumulates on a roof in winter, inadequate ceiling insulation and/or roof venting can allow the roof surface above heated areas of the building to get warm enough to melt some of the snow on the roof surface, even on cold winter days. This water will then flow down the roof and may accumulate and freeze in gutters, possibly even overflowing them and forming long icicles. Continued freezing of this water causes the layer of ice to build up that can eventually can become several inches thick. This results in water "ponding", at the warm/ cold transition point of the roof, and seeping between the shingles. Once water gets under the shingles, it can leak through the roof sheathing, at nail holes or other roof penetrations and down inside the building walls, ceiling, etc. By applying heating cable on the roof edge above the overhang, and in the gutter and downspouts, water melting on the roof will always have a clear path to the ground.

How it Works: A special self-regulating core is at the center of the SR Trace cable. This core is conductive and adjusts according to the surrounding temperatures. When it is cold, the cable's core has many conductive paths that generate enough heat to keep the water flowing in the pipe. As the surrounding temperature warms, there are fewer conductive paths and less heat is generated. This self-regulating technology ensures the right amount of heat when and where it is needed.

  • Self-dispensing reel box
  • Rugged, waterproof construction
  • Will not damage temperature sensitive roof coatings
  • Heat output of 8 watts/foot (30.48cm) when deicing
  • 142 ft. (43.28m) circuit lengths for 120 volt cable
  • 381 ft. (116.13m) circuit lengths for 240 volt cable
  • 240 volt cable can be used for 208 volt or 277 volt applications
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Freeze Prevention
Length (Feet):
.147 at -20°F start-up
.132 at 0°F start-up
SR Trace Cable
Max Length:
540 ft. for Single Run
Wattage Per Ft.:
8 (Wet)
5 (Dry)
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