Replacement Temperature Sensor

Replacement Temperature Sensor


Brand: Easy Heat

Easy Heat
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Accessory For: MSC-1

Description for Easy Heat TS-1

The TS-1 temperature sensor measures outside temperatures and is placed in the area that best represents the outdoor temperature conditions. The TS-1 operates on low voltage provided by the MSC-1 control unit and allows the MSC to determine when to activate snowmelting or de-icing equipment. Easily affixed to a wall or fascia by two screws, the TS-1's small size and neutral color allows the sensor to discreetly blend with almost any background. The TS-1 is supplied with 10' (3.05m) of connection wire which may be extended up to 500' (152.40m) with an appropriately rated 18 - 20 AWG 3 wire unshielded cable.

NOTE: One TS-1 is included with the MSC-1 control panel.

Replacement Temperature Sensor

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