Internet Enabled Energy Management System Thermostat 7-Day 4H/2C Zoom

Internet Enabled Energy Management System Thermostat 7-Day 4H/2C


Brand: Ecobee

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Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
Programmability: Programmable
Application: Heat Pump
Programmability: 7 Day
User Interface: Touchscreen
4 Heat/2 Cool
Features: Backlit Display
Changeover: Auto
Features: Auxiliary Heating Indicator
Power Supply: 24 VAC
Mount: Horizontal
Options: Auto Changeover
Wireless: Yes
Humidity Control: Yes

Description for Ecobee EB-EMS-02

This system is designed for commercial applications but can also benefit owners of large homes. The heart of the system is the ecobee Smart Touchscreen Thermostat, with all its features and benefits allowing simple programming and internet connectivity. In addition, the Energy Management System allows you to control an unlimited number of thermostats, group thermostats into zones with similar HVAC needs, control access permissions from a central source, and assist in diagnosing problems to reduce service calls. Fully scalable, the system can be expanded to accommodate any size home or business. Embedded automatic controls for any type of heating/cooling system: geothermal/ground source heat pump, air/air heat pump, conventional heat sources up to 3 stages, air conditioning systems up to 2 stages. There's a setting to keep the fan running a while after the AC compressor stops, to take advantage of the cold air in the ducts and the chilling coils. Pre-programmed humidity controls can manage humidifiers or run the heat source and AC simultaneously to dehumidify.

Internet Connectivity & Security

  • The ecobee EMS is Wi-Fi enabled, and accessable through the internet via ecobee's web portal interface. Automation
  • 2 dry contact inputs that can be programmed to turn off the AC, adjust the heat and or cool set temperatures, switch the system to occupied or unoccupied mode, or activate an accessory relay.

  • Internet Enabled Energy Management System Thermostat 7-Day 4H/2C

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