Zigbee Enabled Smart Internet Thermostat Zoom

Zigbee Enabled Smart Internet Thermostat


Brand: Ecobee

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Display: Color Display
Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
Heat Pump
User Interface: Touchscreen
Programmability: Programmable
7 Day
Changeover: Auto
4 Heat/2 Cool
Features: Wifi
Power Supply: 24 VAC
Mount: Horizontal
Humidity Control: Yes
Wireless: Yes

Description for Ecobee EB-STAT-02

Ecobee's motto is "Green Made Easy" - this thermostat lives up to both those goals. It saves money by programming your heating/cooling system to keep you comfortable, not frosty cold or baking, when you are most likely to be relaxing. Program it to match your family's schedule - when you are active, you don't need as much heating or cooling, and you should program a lower temperature at night when the blankets keep your family warm. Every programmable thermostat can do those things for you, but the ecobee is very easy to program. And it connects to the internet, so it can display weather reports, as well as allow control from any browser. The ecobee Smart Thermostat uses ZigBee technology for its WiFi connection.

There's a Quick Save button on the touchscreen, which instantly sets the system into energy conservation mode. One press as you leave your home and the AC sets to a higher temp, and the heat is set to a lower temp, than the normal program calls for. Press the OK button when you return and it's back to your programmed settings.

For even more control over your system, add remote temperature or humidity sensors connected to the ecobee Remote Sensor Module. Each module can accept up to 4 sensors.

Zigbee Enabled Smart Internet Thermostat

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