Ecobee Thermostats

The ecobee Energy Management System (EMS) is the newest technology designed for the commercial market. It is ideal in aplications where a simple thermostat does not provide adequate controls and functionality and a full-scale building automation system is too complex and expensive. The ecobee EMS is simple to install and program, reduces operating costs, and delivers increased energy conservation. The ecobee EMS provides you quick access to all of the system's settings such as heating, cooling, humidity levels, and furnace fan settings. If installed, you will also see at a glance the settings for the ventilator, humidifier, and dehumidifier. With its easy to use wizard, the EMS will guide you through programming the desired temperatures throughout each day of the week. Intelligent automation, customizable programming, and remote monitoring means that the EMS will maximize efficiency, reducing energy consumption and delivering significant cost savings. The ecobee EMS delivers consistent, predictable, and more efficient installations; standard HVAC terminology, no CAT 5 cables to run, and no firewall rules to change.

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  • Internet Enabled Energy Management System Thermostat 7-Day 4H/2C View Specs

    $478.95 / each

    In Stock! (9 Available) Ships in 24-48 Hrs
  • Zigbee Enabled Smart Internet Thermostat View Specs
    • SKU: EB-STAT-02
    • Brand: Ecobee

    $319.95 / each

    Out of Stock Allow 2-3 Weeks to Ship Out
  • AC Power Supply for Ecobee Thermostats View Specs
    • SKU: EB-PS-01
    • Brand: Ecobee

    $17.75 / each

    In Stock! (10 Available) Ships in 24-48 Hrs
  • Remote Sensor Module for Ecobee Thermostats View Specs
    • SKU: EB-RSM-01
    • Brand: Ecobee

    $110.35 / each

    In Stock! (8 Available) Ships in 24-48 Hrs Logo

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