Eemax tankless water heaters activate instantly and deliver an endless supply of hot water at a preset temperature to any point of use with 99% energy efficiency.

They are small, easy to install and service, and can last up to twice as long as traditional tank water heaters. With the new HomeAdvantage Series you get digital temperature control, "Quick Connect" water connections, advanced styling and performance you expect.

  • Cut energy costs - flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss)
  • Stylish stainless steel exterior
  • 99% Energy Efficient - The power you use goes into the water, not up the chimney
  • Compact design - no need for a bulky tank that takes up storage space
  • Ease of installation - no T&P valve needed. Only bring one cold water line to lavatory
  • Easy "Quick Connect" Water Fittings - fast installation, no soldering
  • Digital Temperature Control - HomeAdvantage adjusts the power applied to its heating modules to maximize energy savings by sensing inlet water temperature and flow rate
  • Easy Temperature Selection - easy to adjust your exact comfort setting with finger-top control pad and temperature LED display. Range 100°-140°F
  • Hot or cold water feed only
  • On demand hot water - never run out of hot water again!
  • Limited Warranty - 1 year on parts / 5 year leaks
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1 Shower
Amps (240V):
80 (2*40)
KW (240V):
Height (Inches):
Width (Inches):
Depth (Inches):
Max Flow (GPM):
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