Electrical Supplies

Odds are that most every electrical job is going to need something from this page. Take a look at our wide selection of Electrical Supplies and get the job done with ease.

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Electrical Tools & Instruments

In this category you will find a variety of popular Electrical Tools and Instruments


This category contains LED, Halogen, and Fluorescent lamps and Ballasts manufactured


Here you can find several types of Electrical Wire for security, fire, sound, video,

Wire Termination

This section contains various wire connectors for virtually any electrical job. The c

Electric Baseboard Heaters

This section contains Electric Baseboard Heaters manufactured by Qmark and Cadet.

Electrical Fittings

This category contains EMT, Liquid Tite, and Rigid Fittings commonly used in electric

Weather Proof Boxes and Covers

This section contains weather proof boxes and covers manufactured by Topaz.


This section contains several different types of transformers. The 24V control circu

Electrical Controls

This category contains a variety of electrical controls including transformers, conta

Conduit & Cable

This category contains conduits and cable for electrical applications.


This category contains whips manufactured by DiversiTech.

Disconnects and Surge Protectors

Electrical disconnects are usually mounted beneath the on the side of your home under

Timers and Timer Switches

This category contains timers and timer switches from manufacturers such as Paragon,


This category contains switches, including toggle switches, rocker switches, push but

Tap Connectors

This category contains tap connectors. The Insulation Piercing Tap Connectors are use

Utility Plates

This category contains covers designed for appliances or emergency oil burners.

Power Supplies

This category contains power supplies manufactured by Functional Devices (RIB). Thes

Circuit Breakers

This category contains circuit breakers from a variety of manufacturers.

Electrical Duplex Receptacles

This category contains electrical duplex receptacles.

Door Chimes & Bells

This category contains a selection of Door Chimes and Bells.

Lamp Holders

This category contains Lampholders manufactured by Topaz.