5" Double Acting Gas Draft Regulator Zoom

5" Double Acting Gas Draft Regulator


Brand: Field Controls

Field Controls
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Size: 5"

Description for Field Controls 5-MG1

A double-acting control for gas-fired furnaces and boilers is widely used for conversion burner installations, gas draft-induced appliance operation with mechanical draft inducers, or sidewall power venters. It is also recommended for use on gas atmospheric appliances where a draft hood cannot be installed, and can improve combustion stability and draft on many gas atmospheric installations with venting problems.

The MG-1 provides precise, accurate control of drafts at levels higher than permitted by a standard draft diverter, which is a frequent requirement with gas. Because it is double-acting, it opens out to relieve positive vent system pressures as low as .01". Draft adjustments using weights are simple and accurate from .01" to .1".

Recommended Pipe Sizes

  • Nominal Capacity Sq. Inch: 19.6
  • Diameter:4-5
  • Circumference: 12 1/2 to 15 3/4

5" Double Acting Gas Draft Regulator

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