Make-up Air System w/ 6" Intake Hood Zoom

Make-up Air System w/ 6" Intake Hood


Brand: Field Controls

Field Controls
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Product Type: Air System

Description for Field Controls MAS-1

The Field Metering Air System consists of an intake air hood which is installed through the wall to allow outside air in. The hood is connected via flexible 6? duct or standard duct pipe (not included) to our metering air device mounted on the return/supply air plenum. This device effectively meters the air inflow for proper air circulation, combustion and balance.


  • Metering air damper
  • 1) Mounting template
  • 1) 6" intake hood
  • 20) Small washers (2 grams each)
  • 3) Large washers (50 grams each)

Make-up Air System w/ 6" Intake Hood

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