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5" Inlet Gas Venter (24v)


Brand: Field Controls

Field Controls
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BTU Input: 310000
Size: 5"
BTU Input: 400000
Product Type: Gas Venter
BTU Input: 220000

Description for Field Controls PVG-600

Includes: Pressure switch and post purge controls


  • Used for sidewall venting of a single 24 VAC controlled furnace, boiler, or water heater which burns natural or LP gas. The PVG may also be used to vent a single 24 VAC controlled gas fired furnace or boiler and a 30 millivolt residential gas fired water heater.

    How the PVG Works
    • 1. Thermostat or aquastat calls for heat and starts the Power Venter.
    • 2. The Pressure Switch senses sufficient air flow and allows burner(s) to start.
    • 3. The Power Venter draws combustion air through the system and forces gases outside through an external Vent Hood.
    • 4. Draft Hood or Barometric Draft Control between the appliance(s) and the Power Venter maintains consistent air flow.
    • 5. After the thermostat is satisfied, the burner shuts down and the Post Purge Control clears the venting system of combustion gases.
    • 6. The Power Venter shuts down.

5" Inlet Gas Venter (24v)

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