5" Inlet Oil Venter (120 VAC) Zoom

5" Inlet Oil Venter (120 VAC)


Brand: Field Controls

Field Controls
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BTU Input: 150000
Size: 5"
BTU Input: 300000
Product Type: Oil Venter
BTU Input: 225000

Description for Field Controls PVO-600

Includes: Pressure switch and post purge controls


  • Used with a single 120VAC controlled oil fired furnace, boiler, or water heater. The PVO may be used to common vent multiple appliances with the addition of a control kit.
  • The indoor mounted PVG and PVO Power Venters provide an economical power venting system for gas and oil appliances. All controls are built into these units. A Vent Hood is required to terminate the vent system. We also manufacture the PVU (Universal) Power Venter for use with Oil or Gas appliances up to 300,000 BTUs. It comes standard with a CK-63 Control Kit.

    How the PVG Works
    • 1. Thermostat or aquastat calls for heat and starts the Power Venter.
    • 2. The Pressure Switch senses sufficient air flow and allows burner(s) to start.
    • 3. The Power Venter draws combustion air through the system and forces gases outside through an external Vent Hood.
    • 4. Draft Hood or Barometric Draft Control between the appliance(s) and the Power Venter maintains consistent air flow.
    • 5. After the thermostat is satisfied, the burner shuts down and the Post Purge Control clears the venting system of combustion gases.
    • 6. The Power Venter shuts down.

5" Inlet Oil Venter (120 VAC)

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