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AQK3, Flame Diode Test Adapter Kit


Brand: Fieldpiece

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Length (Inches): 8 inches
6 inches
Max Temp (F): 176ºF (80°C)
Insulation Material: Vinyl
Probe Tip Type: Honeywell
Plug Type: L-shaped banana (industry standard)
quick connect
Type: Miscellaneous

Description for Fieldpiece AQK3

The AQK3 Flame Diode Test Adapter Kit allows you to plug into the flame diode circuit between the controller and the flame sensing rod to check for problems. Whether you're testing a system with a hot surface igniter or a standard burner and flame setup, the adapter kit includes both a pair of spade connector leads to enable easy connection from the AUA2 or a multimeter to quick connects, plus an adapter for controllers that require a mini-plug connection.

AQK3, Flame Diode Test Adapter Kit

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