ATWB1, K-Type Wet Bulb (Sock) Thermocouple w/ Alligator Clip Zoom

ATWB1, K-Type Wet Bulb (Sock) Thermocouple w/ Alligator Clip


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Accuracy: +/- 4ºF (2°C) ; ±1°F (0.5°C) after field calibration
32 to 176ºF (0 to 80°C)
Temperature Range: -50° to 150°F (-46° to 66°C)
Thermocouple Conductors: K-type nickel chromium/nickel aluminum
Probe Insulation: Calibration and atmosphere will affect maximum useful temperature in applications. The wire insulation is designed to withstand a maximum continuous use at 400°F (204°C ) but the sock may become damaged at temperatures above 150°F
Plug Type: K-type thermocouple male mini plug
Type: K-Type Thermocouple

Description for Fieldpiece ATWB1

The ATWB1, K-type wet bulb thermocouple, can clip to HVAC/R equipment for convenient placement and hands free testing. Wet the durable sock and clip to evaporator filters for indoor wet bulb - great for finding target evaporator exit temperature. Clip to return vents for indoor wet bulb temperature - great for target superheat calculations. The ATWB1 can be used with any Fieldpiece meter that measures temperature and any thermometer accepting a K-type thermocouple. HVAC/R technicians find the ATWB1 extremely helpful when data logging or anytime an extra hand is needed.

The wrap-tab allows the thermocouple wire to conveniently store on the plug. Just wrap the excess wire around the wrap-tab. No more tangled messes in your tool bag.

ATWB1, K-Type Wet Bulb (Sock) Thermocouple w/ Alligator Clip

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