The Fieldpiece Voltage Accessory, model AVH1, converts volts to millivolts for use with data logger DL3 for direct display and recording of voltage through the meter's mV scale. Use it with the EHDL1 to record MIN and MAX while freeing up your meter for other tests. Cat III rated. Maximum voltage of 600V AC or DC.

Like all of the Accessory Head model instruments that Fieldpiece designs, the AVH1 extends the capability of doing more work from one small bag of tools. It is the only modular voltage instrument of its kind and provides you with valuable data in diagnosing possible system circuitry or relay problems when used with Fieldpiece's data logger and electronic handle. Add the optional alligator clip lead set for easy hands free data logging.

How Does It Work?
The Fieldpiece Voltage Accessory, model AVH1, converts 1 volt AC or DC to 1 millivolt AC or DC. It is designed for use with Fieldpiece's data logger model DL3 to record voltage over a period of time or with the EHDL1 electronic handle to get the MIN or MAX voltage. No batteries required.

1. Slide onto EHDL1 or DL2
2. Attach test leads to AVH1
3. Set the meter mV range to read volts directly

Features and Benefits
  • Accuracy: DC: ±(0.5%rdg + 1 dgt); AC: ±(1.0%rdg + 4 dgts)
  • Max voltage: 600V AC or DC
  • Input impedance: 1MOhm
  • Standard test leads plug in top

What's Included
  • Voltage Accessory - AVH1
  • Operator's manual
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Manuals (2)
Conversion Rate:
1mVAC/1VAC or 1mVDC/1VDC
Voltage Accessory
Input Impedance:
Operating Temp Range:
32ºF to 120ºF at <95%RH
0.1V for meters with 0.1mV
Max Voltage:
600V AC or DC
(at 73ºF ± 10ºF <95%RH) DC: ±(0.5%rdg + 1 dgt) AC: ±(1.0%rdg + 4 dgts)
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