Easily carry what you need to the jobsite. No more "winging it" or long walks back to the truck. Whether or not you're just starting out in HVAC/R or a bona fide five-star field service general, Fieldpiece offers a bundled kit called a Fieldpack, that's just right you. While building your own Fieldpiece kit one at a time is a great value in itself, our Fieldpacks deliver what a truckload of the other guys' stuff does in one convenient case you carry over your shoulder. At a substantial savings over purchasing separately. And they're all backed by our easy to deal with team here at Fieldpiece.

The DL3K14 gives you the tools you need to measure and record data for 15 HVAC/R parameters. It includes an electronic handle to turn all of the accessory heads into standalones. It all comes packaged in our ANC3 briefcase style bag that's easy to transport over your shoulder.

This kit includes:
  • EHDL1 - Electronic Handle
  • DL3 - Data Logger
  • ASA2 - Small Alligators (Pr)
  • AHDL1 - Adapter Handle
  • Velcro Stirp - Attaches ATB1 to Pipe
  • ANC3 - Briefcase
  • ATA1 - Alligator Clip
  • ATWB1 - Wet Bulb
  • ATB1 - Bead Tip
  • AAV3 - Air Velocity, Temp
  • ACH4 - Amp Clamp
  • ARH4 - %RH, WB, Dew Pt., Air Temp
  • ASX14- Superheat/subcooling for A/C
  • ATH4- Dual Temp
  • AUA2- Micro/milliamps w/ AQK3
  • AVG2- Vacuum Gauge
  • AVH1- Volts
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