The HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG2, is the next generation hand-held diagnostic instrument that guides field technicians step-by-step through the most common and important HVAC system tests including: Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (delta T, evaporator drop, drop across the coil), Target Superheat, Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion Analysis and now the CheckMe!® test.

The technician enters data on the INPUT FORM using Fieldpiece accessory heads or by manually inputting measurements from traditional tools such as a pressure gauge. Once the INPUT FORM is filled-in completely and the Customer ID entered, the technician presses Output. The OUTPUT FORM is displayed instantly, providing results of the test and possible corrective actions to take as well as references to the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer Manual for further information.

The CheckMe!® test works the same way. The technician enters grant information and inputs data for several more parameters, including amp draw, using Fieldpiece accessory heads or their own set of instruments. The results, based on information and data recorded for over 700,000 real-world HVAC systems, are displayed on the screen along with corrective actions until the unit passes the test. CheckMe!® contractors then review the results with Proctor Engineering to fulfill the program requirements. For more information, please see the product PDF brochure at the bottom of the page.

The HVAC Guide software compiles all of the system info into a spreadsheet format that you can customize with your company logo and print off as a work order to leave with your customer via your PC.

Features and Benefits:
  • Minimize call-backs
  • Easier system analysis
  • Faster testing and diagnosis
  • Higher quality job
  • Wider range of tests with less backup technical support
  • Improve the technician's technical capability
  • Test multiple parameters with one instrument
  • Lower cost than most competitive combustion analyzers - even with purchase of all accessory heads
  • Easy to use INPUT/OUTPUT forms to collect and analyze data
  • Use Fieldpiece accessory heads to automatically enter data
  • Manually enter data using non-fieldpiece test equipment
  • Download test data to a PC
  • Reload archived test data to HG2 when returning to the same customer
  • Easily print work orders for better customer service

Purchase the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer model HG2 with confidence. As new switch positions are added and software is updated, downloads will be posted on Fieldpiece's website. Version upgrades and new switch positions will be available for a nominal fee. Firmware/software improvements will be made available free of charge.

Competitive Advantages:
Other manufacturers have been trying to develop an all-in-one system analyzer for years with little success. Even newer models in direct competition with the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer today are limited too . We continue to work side-by-side with technicians in the field to develop our instruments. The HVAC Guide® System Analyzer works so well because it's easy to operate and is based on our unique modular expandability design concept perfected over the past 18 years.
  • MULTIPLE PARAMETERS: Technicians get four (4) tests in one instrument: Target Evaporator Exit Temperature, Superheat, Subcooling, and Combustion Analysis.
  • LOWER COST: Competitive all-in-one units are far more expensive. In fact, field technicians can purchase the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer and of all of the optional accessory heads for less than the price of one (1) combustion analyzer from the competition.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The HVAC Guide® System Analyzer fits easily in your hand because it uses accessory heads with individual sensors to complete tests. Competitive all-in-one testers are bulky because they must include all of the sensors to complete multiple tests in the same instrument.
  • MADE FOR TECHS WITH TECHS: As with all of our instruments, the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer was developed with you, the HVAC/R technician in mind.

What's Included:
  • HVAC Guide® System Anaylzer - HG2
  • Dual-Temperature accessory head - ATH4
  • Wet bulb thermocouple - ATWB1
  • Dry bulb thermocouple - ATA1
  • Carrying case - ANC5
  • Operator's manual
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