HG2K9, HG2 All-Season Fieldpack Zoom

HG2K9, HG2 All-Season Fieldpack


Brand: Fieldpiece

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Type: Fieldpack
Application: HVAC

Description for Fieldpiece HG2K9

This all-in-one kit includes all of the accessory heads used with the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer to automatically input data. Test target and actual Superheat, Subcooling, find Target Evaporator Exit Temperature and perform and record a Combustion Analysis easily and efficiently with this kit. The HG2K9 also includes the ACH4 amp clamp to take amp draw readings directly with the HG2 for the CheckMe!® test. It all comes in the ANC3 Large Briefcase Style bag with room to add to your kit as new tests for the HVAC Guide are developed.

Included Part Numbers:

  • HG2 - HG2 Guide System Analyzer w/ CheckMe!
  • ATH4 - Dual temperature head
  • ATA1 - Bead w/alligator
  • ATWB1 - Wet bulb w/alligator
  • ASX14 - SH/subcool, A/C
  • ATC1 - Pipe clamp (1-3/8")
  • AOX2 - %CO2, %O2, temp head
  • ATBF1 - Bead tip 900° (AOX2/SOX2)
  • AOXP2 - AOX2 pump and trap
  • ACM3 - Carbon monoxide head
  • ANC3 - Briefcase style case

HG2K9, HG2 All-Season Fieldpack

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