HS33K14G, HS33 Gas Fieldpack for HVAC/R Zoom

HS33K14G, HS33 Gas Fieldpack for HVAC/R


Brand: Fieldpiece

HS33K14G has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.


Type: Fieldpack
Application: HVAC

Description for Fieldpiece HS33K14G

This fieldpack features versatile manual ranging DMM stick-style meter, a manometer, a carbon monoxide detector, digital psychrometer and milliamps and microamps. A great kit for students or technicians just starting out.

This kit includes:

  • HS33 - Manual ranging stick
  • ADA2 - Dual alligator clips
  • ASA2- Small alligators (pr)
  • ADLS2 - Silicone Delux
  • Velcro Stirp - Attaches ATB1 to pipe
  • ANC8 - Mid-sized case
  • ATC1 - Small pipe clamp
  • ATB1 - Bead tip
  • ACM3 - Carbon monoxide
  • AMN2 - Manometer
  • ARH4 - %RH, WB, dew pt., air temp
  • AUA2 - Micro/milliamps w/ AQK3

NOTE: The difference between HS33K14 fieldpack and HS33K14G fieldpack is that HS33K14G includes ACM3 and AMN2 in addition to all of the other components found in HS33K14.

HS33K14G, HS33 Gas Fieldpack for HVAC/R

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