MDSH1, Magnetic Parts Dish (Pack of 6) Zoom

MDSH1, Magnetic Parts Dish (Pack of 6)


Brand: Fieldpiece

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Type: Magnet Accessory

Description for Fieldpiece MDSH1

This hanging magnet for parts and screws is a great addition to any parts bench and an even better performer in the field. Hang it on the side of a unit or any magnet-compatible metal surface. Right side up, upside down, vertically, it doesn't matter. The MDSH1 holds screws, tools and more firmly in place and out of the way while you work. It combines a strong magnet with a chrome-finish dish featuring the Fieldpiece logotype.

NOTE: This product will be shipped in a quantity of 6.

MDSH1, Magnetic Parts Dish (Pack of 6)

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